If you want to drive away in a brand new Audi A1, but without the worry or expense of purchasing the car outright, perhaps one of the many leasing options available are more suited to your needs.  The monthly costs may be less than a car loan, and you won’t be hit by the depreciation in the value of the vehicle.  What’s more, the worry of maintaining the vehicle may be reduced, with the costs covered by the warranty and leasing agreement.  Volkswagen’s leasing and contract hire agreements are targeted at business customers.  Leasing and contract hire agreements are popular with business car buyers, as the costs are fixed and some of the costs may be tax-deductable.  In addition the hassle of selling the car when it is time to get a new one is removed – the lease company will simply take back the car at the end of the agreement.

Audi, like most manufacturers, offer leasing and contract hire packages through their finance companies, but there are also independent car leasing and contract hire firms that will also offer their own deals on leasing a new Audi A1.  Volkswagen Group Leasing is the fleet and corporate leasing arm of Volkwagen Financial Services, which is the vehicle finance section of Volkswagen Group, of which Audi is part.

Searching the internet will reveal a range of different leasing companies offering deals on Audi cars, or you can contact your local Audi dealer for information.  The important thing when deciding whether or not leasing a vehicle is the right option for you, is to gain as much information as you can regarding the leasing options available, so that you choose the right package for you.