The Four rings that have come to be Audi’s trademark logo are representative of the company’s history. In 1932 four German auto companies joined forces. These companies included Audi, DKW, Wanderer, and Horch and the merger allowed these companies the opportunity to be representative in all of the market segments from lightweight motorcycles to full size luxury cars. The Union’s unique diversity allowed them to be more creative and innovative. By 1937 Auto Union AG was the first manufacturer to produce a car the exceeded 400 kilometers per hour on a normal road, and in 1938 they were among the first manufacturers to carry out crash and rollover tests. After Germany lost the war the company was dismantled for reparations from 1945-1948.

In 1949 Auto Union GmbH was re-established with financial aid. Over the years the company has been taken over by Daimler-Chrysler and Volkswagen and then merged with yet another car company, NSU Motorenwerke, becoming Audi NSU Auto Union AG. By 1980 the company produced the Audi Quattro which was to become the first high performance vehicle with four-wheel drive. In 1985 the company’s name was changed to Audi AG. Through the years the company has continuously and consistently developed and produced superior automobiles, and has won the Le Mans endurance race consecutively since 2000 with the exception of the 2003 race.